About Me

Hello! I'm Gale. I was born in Asia's street food capital Penang and raised in beautiful New Zealand.

This is me, Gale Gibbs, the person behind TripChow
This is me

I have a massive appetite, even larger than my gigantic husband Matt's!

We are your regular couple. We both LOVE eating out and trying new things.

In April this year we got married.

We got married! The wedding of Gale and Matt Gibbs 2 April 2016
We got married!

We decided that after the wedding was the perfect time to travel and do both. We are currently travelling around the world together, eating and experiencing as much as we possibly can.

You can track exactly where we are by following TripChow's Instagram and Facebook page.

TripChow is a compilation of our memoirs including the good the bad and nasty. I aim to include as much as I can about our experiences at each destination so that you that you may pick up some tips for your next adventure.

Thanks for visiting! I'd absolutely love to hear from you so drop me a line 😀