Epic Ice Cream Stall In Chiang Mai's Night Bazaar

When your mouth is pinging after a hot, spicy, salty and sour Northern Thai meal, nothing is more soothing than ice cream. You couldn't imagine our delight, stumbling across this gem at the bottom end of Chiang Mai's legendary night bazaar.

Frozen dessert stall in Chiang Mai night bazaar
Frozen dessert stall in Chiang Mai night bazaar

There is quite the crowd gathered around the stall. The scene here alone is worth a visit. Based on American chain Cold Stone, where your selected ice cream and mix-ins (sweets, chocolates etc) are chopped and folded into each other on a frozen granite surface, this stall has two ice cream connoisseurs mixing up a storm of any combination of delights into ice cream however it's all done with a Thai twist.

Instead of chopping and mixing up normal ice cream, melted ice cream is poured onto the frozen surface with the chosen mix-ins and immediately starts freezing into a flat sheet. Two scrapers are used to roll up the perfect blend of ice cream and mix-in from the surface. Everything is topped off with whipped cream and more mix-in plus your choice of sauce.

80 standard flavour combos on display
80 standard flavour combos to choose from

You can choose from 80 standard combos displayed around the stall but there is no extra charge if you want to create your own so long as you stick to two mix-ins. Ice cream flavours, mix-ins and sauces available are:

Flavours available
Flavours available

Located beside the Anusarn Food Court on Chang Khlan Road, this stall is a must-try for a mid-shopping spree snack. We ended up at this joint three times during our five nights in Chiang Mai. Understandably I went whipped cream-less on the third visit upon which I perfected my ultimate ice cream creation shown in the video below - Thai milk tea ice cream mixed with Oreo and Brownie topped with chocolate sauce. Aroi mak mak!

You should also check out the quirky looking candy floss station that's set up on the end of this stall from Mon to Fri. Sadly we didn't have the time or stomach space to try it but the pink and yellow Hello Kitty shaped one looked very good.

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