Pitt Stop Perfection in Phuket

They say the more choices you have the more stress you have and the last thing you should be doing in Phuket is stressing.

Does this sound familiar? It's time to eat. You notice one food stall has an older Aunty cooking - she must know what she's doing. Hold on this other stall is doing Happy Hour right now - winning! Oh wait, there’s more locals eating over at this stall, it MUST be good... Before you know it two hours have slipped by, you’ve walked six blocks, you’re dripping with sweat, don't even mention the hair, and you are HANGRY!

Tasty cheap seafood at Malin Plaza
Cheap and tasty seafood at Malin Plaza

We stayed between Karon and Kata. Both are popular beachy areas of Phuket and close to notorious Patong. It would be impossible to get through the multitude of eateries in these places but we certainly ate, drank and observed as many as we possibly could across Kata, Karon and Patong.

Light and healthy at Tik Restaurant
Light, healthy and yummy at Tik Restaurant

If you are looking for somewhere with delicious, authentic food, an interesting outlook, nice selection of drinks, desserts and good prices, save yourself the hassle and head straight here:


Tik Restaurant

Tik Restaurant & Bar
Tik Restaurant

Don't confuse this place with Tik Restaurant on Patak Road or Tik's Place at Tiana Road or any other Tik (Tik is a very common Thai nickname).

You will find this family-run restaurant above the cliffs of Kata Noi on Kata-Sai Yuan Road, a few hundred metres down from Karon Beach View Point. It's not far from the action of Kata but far enough to avoid the high prices and enjoy a peaceful environment.

If you're a romantic, stick around for sunset drinks and swoon. You can't beat the views across the ocean from this spot. The food is very simple yet consistently delicious and served with big warm smiles.

Stir Fried Veges, Glass Noodle Salad and Omelette
Stir fried veges, spicy glass noodle salad and omelette


Nam Tok Neua
Nam Tok Neua (beef)
Cookies & Cream, Lod Chong and Taro Ice Cream
Cookies & cream, lod chong and taro flavoured ice cream


Malin Plaza Food Centre

What's a trip to Phuket without getting a seafood coma? Look no further than the massive buzzing food court of Malin Plaza.

Fresh Seafood
Fresh seafood at Malin

The prices here are extremely competitive for Phuket, particularly for seafood. You can get a large fish for just 150THB.

Steamed fish with chilli and garlic
Steamed fish with chilli and garlic

Just five minutes from Patong's infamous Bangla Road at Thanon Prachanukhro in Kathu, Malin Plaza is far enough away to avoid any seediness whatsoever.

Although there are many many stalls here, you will find a fair amount of repetition. Generally the seafood, meat, fruit and dessert stalls sell exactly the same items so you can't go wrong.

Fresh Seafood
Fresh seafood

Mango Sticky Rice 1 at Malin
Mango sticky rice at Malin
Fruit stall

Depending on the time of year, you can find some interesting meats here including crocodile and rabbit.

Meat meat meat!
Meat meat meat!

If you're keen for noodles, go to the vendor pictured below, located front and centre of the very end row of stalls on the left when you're facing the food court from the street. Hands down the best spicy seafood noodles I've ever tasted in my life.

Best fried noodles stall
Best fried noodle stall
Spicy Fried Seafood Noodles
The most delicious spicy fried seafood noodles

When you pull up at the front of the plaza, don't be put off by all the tables looking like they're taken (because they will be). There's an area around the back (when facing the plaza from the road, go right) with heaps of tables that are hardly taken since most people don't realise it exists.

Seating at the front of Malin Plaza Food Centre
Tables at the front of Malin Plaza
Tables and seating around the back of Malin Food Centre
Tables around the back of Malin Plaza

Go around to the back tables and not only will you have the luxury of an entire table to yourself where you can gorge privately to your hearts content, you won't be forced to buy a drink by the lady from the stall called '4' to secure the table. The only way to avoid this lady when seated in this front area is to get in super early and snap up one of the small white marble tables.

Mango sticky rice 2 at Malin
Another mango sticky rice at Malin - one is just never enough

Where are your favourite street stalls in Phuket?